BELAZ-7647 Series

Characteristics for 7647
Length 8300 mm
Width 4000 mm
Height 5200 mm

Designed for performing water-sprinkling functions in open pits at opencast mining of minerals. Delivered with different equipmnt sets (with monitor, water pump, radial sprinkling system, centralized lubrication system, air conditioner).

Main Characteristics
Payload capacity  
Engine YaMZ-240NM2 (Russia)
Engine power 368 kW (501 hp)
Transmission hydromechanical
Transmission layout 5+2

Additional Characteristics

Wheel arrangement 4х2
Fuel rate @ nominal power, g/kW*h 224
Tires 21.00-35, 21.00R35
Rear axle mechanical, with single-stage main gear
Suspension pneumohydraulic, conventional for front and driving axles - on bar

Brakes (with pneumatic drive)

front wheels shoe brakes
rear wheels shoe brakes
parking brake shoe brake
auxiliary brake hydrodynamic retarder

Turning radius, m 10,2

Operational weight, kg 33100 (standard equipment set)
Tankage, m³ 32