Characteristics for 13-9832
13-9832   67,2 mt

Designed for carriage of timber (length from 2 to 13 meters) or universal large-tonnage containers.

Main Characteristics
Payload capacity 67,2 mt
Rated volume 112 m3
Loading type  

Additional characteristics

Empty weight, mt 26
Max static design load from wheel pair to rails, kN 230,5
Bogie model type 2 according to GOST 9246
Overall dimensions 1-ВМ
Car coupler pulling faces length, mm 14620
Car frame end girders length, mm 13400
Nominal car base, mm 9720
Coupler axis height from level of rail heads, mm 1040-1080
Height from level of rail heads, mm 4270
Max car width, mm 3190
Constructional speed, km/h 120