BELAZ-7530 Series

Characteristics for 7530
75302   220 mt75306   220 mt75305   180-200 mt75307   220 mt75309   220 mt

Designed for transportation of loosened rocks on technological haul roads at open-pit mining sites under different climatic conditions. These trucks can be used in construction of large industrial structures and hydraulic facilities, in construction of highway systems as well as in technological departments of the enterprises of processing industry. Depending on relative density of the transported materials maximal efficiency is achieved during operation with excavators and loaders with the following bucket capacity: 30 — 45 m³.

Main Characteristics
Payload capacity 220 mt
Engine MTU DD 16V4000
Engine power 1715 kW
Transmission electromechanical
Transmission layout  

Additional Characteristics

Torque, N*m/rpm 9313 / 1500
Fuel rate @ nominal power, g/kW*h 198
Tires 40.00R57; 46/90-57
Transmission AC/DC type
Motor-wheels reduction gear planetary, double-row
Suspension conventional for front and driving axles - trailing arms with central hinge

Traction motor — ДК-724

Traction alternator — СГТ 1400-8

Brakes (with hydraulic drive)

front wheels dry disk brakes
rear wheels dry disk brakes
parking brake disk brake
auxiliary brake electrodynamic retarding by traction motors with forced air-cooling of braking resistors

Body volume, m³

struck 80; 92; 100; 103; 117
heaped 2:1 112; 130; 138; 141; 147
turning radius, m 15

Weight of dump truck, kg

unladen 156100 (standard equipment set)
gross weight 376100
max speed, km/h 43
Length 13390  mm
Width 7820  mm
Height 6650  mm
Docs & Data Sheets
Download Data Sheet for BELAZ-75302
Download Data Sheet for BELAZ-75302BELAZ-75302_EN.pdf ( 1,01 Мб)