Characteristics for 4048
Length 9780 mm
Width 3300 mm
Height 3750 mm

Designed for mechanization of loading works in open pits, at railway stations and other factories during loading of bulk loads (crushed stone, sand, gravel, rocks, soils, etc.) onto dump trucks with payload capacity up to 60 tones, railway open wagons, dumpcars and other vehicles.

Main Characteristics
Payload capacity  
Engine YaMZ-7512.10 (Russia)
Engine power 264 (360) kW (359 hp)
Transmission hydromechanical
Transmission layout 6+1

Additional Characteristics

Tires 26,5-25
Wheel arrangement 4х4
Operational weight, kg 28500
Gross weight, kg 36000
Max speed, km/h 40
Turning radius, m 8
Payload capacity, mt 7,5

Work tool characteristics

Bucket volume (struck), m³ 3,75; 5; 6,5
Bucket volume (rated), m³ 4,4; 5,6; 7,2
Width of bucket lip, m 3,3; 3,82
Cutting depth, m 0,08
Traction force, kN 100
Pull out force, kN (on hydraulic cylinders of beam) 186
Pull out force, kN (on hydraulic cylinders of bucket) 224
Dumping force, kN (straight semi-frames) 230
Dumping force, kN (folded semi-frames) 210

Work cycles

Loaded bucket lifting time, s 9
Bucket lowering time, s 6