Zimbabwe considers training their specialists based on BELAZ facilities

17 march 2020

Minister of Mines and Mining Development Winston Chitando has visited OJSC “BELAZ”.

This is not the first visit of Zimbabwean Minister to OJSC “BELAZ”. At today’s meeting they were focused on the possibility to carry out the training of Zimbabwean technical specialists at BELAZ Training Center. Regarding this case, Mr. Chitando has expressed a specific interest to training simulator for drivers training. The visitors got acquainted with the possibilities of BELAZ Training Center where the drivers and technical specialists undergo the training and additional training to operate BELAZ machinery.

At the training auditorium for studying the arrangement of BELAZ mining dump trucks (on the left). Mr. Chitando studies the operation of dynamic simulator (on the right).

Currently BELAZ-7555B mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 55MT, BELAZ-75131 dump trucks with 130MT payload capacity, BELAZ-78221 front-end loaders, BELAZ-78231 wheeldozers, BELAZ-76473 water-sprinkling vehicles and BELAZ-7455B recovery-tractors are operated in the Hwange Colliery coal mine and Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (private) Ltd. diamond-mining company. 52 units of machinery were supplied to Zimbabwe in 2017.

Zimbabwe is one of the fast developing countries in Africa. The country has significant reserves of different mineral deposits of stone coal, diamonds, gold, lithium, copper and other. Since 2014 Zimbabwe has been one of the promising export destinations for BELAZ dump trucks, where the delivery for a year of 2017 (52 units of machinery for Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (private) Ltd) became one of the largest annual shipments to the non-CIS countries.

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