Promising BELAZ Models in Gold Mining of Armenia

1 april 2020

Three units of BELAZ-75585 dump truck with payload capacity of 90 ton were added to the fleet at Sotk Mine (GeoProMining Golg Company) in Armenia.

These are not the first Belarusian mining dump trucks at Sotk Mine. In this area 130-ton BELAZ trucks are already working with high efficiency. Therefore, when it was a question to purchase the new equipment, the choice was made in favor of BELAZ trucks, as the best option for value for money.

BELAZ-75585 mining dump truck is a promising model in the range of 90-toners. The dumpers are equipped with a new diesel engine with the capacity of up to 1200 horsepower which is optimally matched with AC electrical mechanical transmission. Such combination helps to reduce fuel consumption.

The vehicle, working in 24/7 mode and in difficult conditions in the mine, is constantly tested for durability. To improve the reliability of the main load-bearing components of the truck, new high-strength steels with strength class of 390 MPa were used and the cast elements are used in the most stressful places. As practice shows, BELAZ dump trucks with this type of drive system are already working in the Russian companies, such as RUSAL, Stroyservis and Mechel. They fully satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Today, one dump truck is in the process of setting up of all systems and will be commissioned the next future. Before the end of April, two more BELAZ trucks will join. Dump trucks are being assembled by the OEM’s service technicians.

The Sotk mine is a gold ore deposit, the largest in the territory of Armenia for the extraction of pure gold, with estimated reserves of more than 120 tons.

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