Partnership geography – 48 countries, average payload capacity of BELAZ dump truck – 123 tonnes

16 january 2020

In accordance with the Program of economic and social development of the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020, the assignment for production growth rate makes up 110-115%, goods and services export - 121–125 %. Regarding the preliminary estimation for 2016–2019, OJSC “BELAZ” has significantly over-fulfilled these figures and it is forecasted to complete a five-year plan with growth rate of goods production by 179,7 % and export by 190 % to the level of 2015.

In 2019, the leading place in the total shipment volume was taken by mining dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 110–130 MT - 27%, 220240 MT - 24% and 45 MT - 13%. The total share of these payload capacity classes made up 64%.

The best-selling model is BELAZ-75131, it accounts for 23% of the total sales of equipment.

The average payload capacity of the sold dump trucks made up 123 tonnes, which is the maximum annual value for the whole history of the company.

The share of heavy-duty equipment (mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 90 MT and above) and heavy-duty special equipment in the overall shipment of OJSC “BELAZ” summarizing the results of 2019 made up 63,7 %.

The net profit for 2019 made up 266 mln. BYN.


As of Holding “BELAZ-HOLDING” for the accounting period, the total volume of investments in the capital stock makes up more than 73 mln. BYN of which more than 45 mln. BYN was invested for the procurement of the equipment.

The geography of the foreign trade partnership of OJSC “BELAZ” in 2019 amounted to 48 countries. The first five partners of the Belarusian manufacturer of mining equipment as of share in the foreign trade turnover (export+import) are as follows:
1. Russia
2. UK
3. Ukraine
4. Uzbekistan
5. US

The industry analysis showed that BELAZ equipment is mainly demanded among coal, iron ore, metallurgic, diamond and gold mining industry.

Quality of equipment is the key of its successful promotion and competitiveness in the market which is the most important direction of the company policy. The high-technology equipment of BELAZ trademark which corresponds to all international requirements for safety and ecological properties is supplied to different countries all over the world.

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