New BELAZ dump trucks of 220 MT delivered to Mikhailovsky GOK

14 january 2020

According to the operators’ opinion, these two new BELAZ mining dump trucks are mighty and efficient. These vehicles have been purchased by Mikhailovsky GOK within the investment program of Metalloinvest.

The payload capacity of new BELAZ dump trucks is 220MT. Since January 2019 such two dump trucks have been operated in Mikhailovsky GOK and already performed good results in iron ore mine operation conditions. Considering the requirements of this equipment the access areas were prepared, the roads were extended and maintenance site was provided.

Nevertheless its overall dimensions and power capacity, the modern equipment is easy in operation. Moreover, the operator’s seat is equipped in accordance with the requirements of work safety. The heating and air conditioning system is applied.

“The body volume along with the payload capacity of new vehicles is significantly higher if to compare with BELAZ dump trucks of 180MT payload capacity. If working performance of dump trucks with lower payload capacity made up about 4 thousand tones, the new vehicles according to schedule for January are going to reach more than 5 thousand tones per working shift. The cargo transfer volumes will increase respectively,” Mr. Rogozhkin, Head of automotive department of Mikhailovsky GOK noticed.

“I was entrusted to operate a real giant. The vehicle is comfortable with lots of electronic appliances, four video-viewing cameras and LED lighting in the cab. All this will encourage ensuring the productive and safe work,” Mr. Rakovski, the driver of automotive department of Mikhailovsky GOK remarked.

Increasing the fleet of mining machinery with modern and high-technology equipment, Metalloinvest improves the personnel labor conditions, increases performance efficiency, reduces the production prime cost and as the result strengthens the position of the company on the market of iron ore raw materials.

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