Mining Companies Choose BELAZ Equipment

26 february 2020

90MT BELAZ dump trucks were delivered to the Nyurba Mining and Processing Division (MPD) ALROSA within re-equipment program and fleet renewal.

Four mining dump trucks BELAZ-75581 with the payload capacity of 90MT will start operating in the customer’s mine in this February. The dumpers will be used for transportation of overburden to dumps and open pit storages.

Belarusian mining dump trucks have been operating in ALROSA mines more than a decade. Long-terms business relations have been always based on the intent to minimize cost of overburden transportation, improve design of BELAZ dumpers and adapt them to the conditions of kimberlite mines with a constant increase in reliability indicators.

90MT BELAZ-7558 dump trucks equipped with AC/AC transmission allow mining Companies to reduce service expenditures. Efficiency, reliability and operation versatility of BELAZ-7558 dump trucks are achieved due to high-efficient and low-consumption engines produced by TOP engine-building factories, modern electro-mechanical AC/AC transmission, efficient suspension, comfortable cabin, powerful and reliable hydraulic system.

“Technical re-equipment is a key factor of reliable and stable work of Nyurba MPD. Operation in difficult mining and climatic conditions result in fast wear of vehicles. Nyurba Mining and Processing Division each year invests in the mining fleet renewal, which also helps to enhance the production capacity”, mentioned chief mechanical engineer of Nyurba Mining and Processing Division ALROSA, Boris Lavronenko.
Nyurba MPD – is one of new mining complexes of ALROSA that was founded in 2000 for the development of Nakynsky ore field – “Nyurbinskaya”, “Batuobinskaya” kimberlite pipes and other deposits. Share of the Nyurba Mining and Processing Division in total diamond mining at ALROSA made up 26.7 % in 2019.

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