BELAZ Trucks in Tugnuy Razrez: Russian Partners Renew the Fleet

17 february 2020

BELAZ-75131 Mining Dump Trucks and BELAZ-74131 Recovery Truck were commissioned in Buryatia at JSC «Tugnuy Razrez» (belong to the major Russian coal mining company - JSC «SUEK»). The event was held in a festive atmosphere. New modern mining equipment made in Belarus arrived to the mine within the framework of the large retrofitting and upgrading project performed by SUEK.

Mining equipment was delivered to Tugnuy Razrez at the end of 2019. Assembly and supervision were performed by the team from BELAZ official service center – «PROMTECHSERVICE» LLC. This service center will provide warranty support as well.

130-ton BELAZ Trucks replaced the old mining equipment which was working for the company for a long time. Technical performances of new BELAZ-75131 are the most suitable for the climate and meet all the requirements of the company.

Alexander Kainov, Technical Director of JSC «Tugnuy Razrez»: «We have calculated economic efficiency and decided: it’s BELAZ which totally satisfies our conditions».

The fleet of dump trucks in Tugnuy Razrez – the leader of economy in Buryatia – consists mainly of heavy-duty dump trucks: 130-ton BELAZ-75131 Trucks and 220-ton BELAZ-75306 Trucks.

At the end of 2019 it was supplied and assembled another water-sprinkling vehicle BELAZ-76135 on the base of a dump truck with 130-ton payload capacity, which will be operated during the warm season. In JSC «SUEK» this is the third water-sprinkling vehicle of this model.

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