BELAZ innovations: pushing the boundaries of the possible

21 april 2020

BELAZ corporate development strategy is based on the in-deep and comprehensive analysis of the world mining market. It is oriented not only to the production output that meets the rough demands of mining, but to the development of new prospective directions of mining equipment updating. At that the courageous solutions of its own design department are implemented.

Information about the key directions of BELAZ steady progress and strategic priorities of the company production activity is in the information project «Development Strategy»

Innovations – in priority
Accent on the prospective transmission
With a new model range of engines

Innovations – in priority

Within many years BELAZ is the active player in promotion of technical progress in the world. The last decade has become a period of numerous product line updates for our company. Following the corporate strategy to introduce advanced technologies and create a highly efficient production, the company annually updates its products by one third. It occurs due to improvement of systems and units for serially produced equipment as well as creation of new generation vehicles.

The share rate of the innovative products in the total volume of the equipment sold by OJSC “BELAZ” for 2019 was 51,8 %.

The enterprise has its own unique research and design base. The research-design center of Chief designer division, Chief design department on underground and road-construction vehicles, experimental shop and testing laboratory (ground for vehicles running-in). Not many manufacturers have such effective localization.

Research and design center of BELAZ Chief designer division.

Today the research and design base of BELAZ with the accumulated methods and experience can keep the activity on mining dump trucks designing at the solid global level.

Each equipment innovation allows improving its reliability, safety, securing comfortable conditions for the driver, and making the vehicle operation more cost-effective.

«Electronics, updated «smart» technologies and devices, that are installed in BELAZ dump trucks, undoubtedly, in many ways make the operation both of the driver and repair, procurement and design departments more easier», – noted Alex Egorov, General Designer of OJSC «BELAZ».

Accent on the prospective electric transmission

BELAZ offers mining companies a great opportunity to choose mining equipment with rich functionality. The operational attractiveness of dump trucks is increased by the implementation of effective technical solutions. Thus, one of the most significant developments is the implementation of AC electromechanical transmission into the design of heavy-duty machines, which gave such equipment a number of design advantages and improved its performance:

✔ decrease of operating costs: reduction of time required for technical maintenance and repair – the quantity of the served units is less, and the lifetime is longer;
✔ increase in productivity;
✔ improvement of traction-dynamic characteristics: the range of performance in the dynamic braking mode is wider, that can be applied up to the zero speeds without time limitation;
✔ possibility to pass long-distance slopes, characteristics in traction mode as well as in mode of dynamic braking is significantly high;
✔ increase of dump trucks maximum speed up to 64 km/h;

Among new, prospective and high-performance vehicles the special popularity among the miners gains 90-tone mining dump trucks of series BELAZ-7558 equipped with electro-mechanical transmission (EMT). At that BELAZ was the first on the global market of mining equipment, who offers 90-ton dump trucks with EMT (till that moment only dump trucks with hydro-mechanical transmission were produced). Our company specialists were the first who implemented EMT and, what is called, got in the top ten: the new model was very successful.

BELAZ-7558 of 90 ton payload capacity with AC electro-mechanical transmission has no analogues in the world among the mining dump trucks of extra heavy capacity, being the smallest dump truck, where such kind of transmission is used.

The model row of series BELAZ-7558 today exceeds the line of 90 ton dump trucks of other manufacturers. Only in the last year of 2019 five new models of this series was manufactured. This is BELAZ-75588 with the gas-turbine engine that operates on condensed natural gas, BELAZ-7558С with the innovative valve-inductor drive, BELAZ-75589 with diesel engine produced by Weichai (China). The number of manufacturers who produce transmissions for series 7558 is increased, as a result two new dump trucks with AC traction electric drive of “Sibelectroprivod” – BELAZ-7558D and of General Electric – BELAZ-7558F were put into operation. One more model of this payload capacity – BELAZ-75584 is planned for production.

AC traction electric drive control cabinet is designed for series BELAZ-7558.

A new model of 90 ton mining dump truck BELAZ-7558B is manufactured and passed testing.

High expectations are placed on the new 180-ton BELAZ-75182, where a modern AC drive of General Electric is used. The vehicle has been tested and prepared for shipment to the consumer. Acceptance tests of 55-ton BELAZ-755A with a Russian internal combustion engine have been conducted.

In the near future, the new model will be added to the world's most powerful series 7571: commissioning works are underway to carry out factory tests of 450-ton dump truck BELAZ-75711 with a promising transmission from the Russian manufacturer.

With a new model range of engines

In order to expand the standard range of mining dump trucks with engines from the world's leading manufacturers, the designers of our company adapt Weichai diesel engines for the Belarusian mining equipment. Soon also 45-ton mining dump trucks will be added to 90-, 136- and 220-ton dump trucks equipped with Chinese engines.

The Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus - Pavel Utiupin, Chairman of the board of WEICHAI GROUP - Tan Xuguang, and General Director of OJSC “BELAZ”- Petr Parkhomchik - on the deck of 90-ton dump truck.

Close contacts with the Russian diesel engine manufacturer - YaMZ have been renewed. The first 55-ton dump truck with YaMZ diesel engine has already passed factory tests. Plus, preparations are underway to manufacture the BELAZ-75584 dump truck with MTU engine.


Deputy General Director for Marketing and Export Policy-Director of Marketing-centre Konstantin Ryltsou

BELAZ pays close attention to satisfaction of environment standards requirements. As part of this line, our company is completing the assembly of 290-tonne BELAZ-75321 with a diesel engine that meets the high ecological class Tier IV.


All engineering innovations of BELAZ company are focused on maximum satisfaction of the demands and expectations of mining companies and full compliance with the conditions of operating sites in any region of the world.

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