BELAZ equipment for the Algerian market

3 april 2020

The planned and reconciled work of BELAZ plant on sales market diversification in the year of 2019 became a victory in tenders for supply of BELAZ mining dump trucks and loaders to Algeria.

Shipment of BELAZ-78221 loaders to Algeria

The next batch in quantity of 5 units of BELAZ-78221 front end-loaders was shipped in March. Earlier four loaders of series 7822 were supplied to this large and one of the most developed countries of Africa. The shipped equipment is meant for operation in mines Saoura and Zahana (part of the state company Group Industrial Cement Algeria, hereinafter – GICA Group) and allows to increase significantly the cement production volume.

The supply of BELAZ-7555E mining dump trucks of 55 ton payload capacity and BELAZ-78221 front-end loaders (operation of these equipment in package shows the maximum effective result) to the biggest cement manufacturer GICA Group in Algeria became possible due to joint operation of OJSC «BELAZ» and its partner in this country – MATERA company.

At present time BELAZ actively works both with the state and private mining companies on further expanding of its presence on the Algerian market. We are planning to participate in specialized exhibitions and holding direct negotiations with the interested customers of mining sector in this region.

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