BELAZ Enters Indian Market

28 january 2020

The first batch of mining dump trucks BELAZ-75137 with payload capacity of 136MT (150 short tons) are to be supplied to India. These dumpers will be supplied to India within the contract for the delivery of 77 mining dump trucks. The contract signed in October 2019 with Coal India Limited that ranks 2nd in the global production of coal.

This supply of BELAZ dump trucks to India will have a great contribution to the export diversification of Belarusian equipment in 2020.

First eight mining dump trucks BELAZ-75137 have been already produced and partially delivered.

The Indian market with a huge economic growth is a promising direction for OJSC “BELAZ” and the supplies of BELAZ dumpers to open coal pit Gerva – is a first solid step in presence increase in the Indian market.

The service center for the maintenance of Belarusian equipment is currently being constructed near Gerva mine within the framework of this project. According to the achieved agreement with the Indian partners, BELAZ Company will be supplying spare parts and providing service maintenance during 8 years of the vehicles operation.

Four dump trucks have been already dispatched to Coal India Limited in 16 flat wagons. Another four dumpers will be supplied to the customer by the end of the month.

BELAZ-75137 is equipped with an external display board that controls the risk of overload.
• For a safe operation, video-viewing cameras and automatic fire-extinguishing systems are provided.
• In accordance with the European safety standard ROPS, 136MT BELAZ dump trucks are equipped with a reinforced frame.
• The dumpers are also equipped with an onboard computer, centralized lubrication system and tire pressure monitoring system.
• For an operator’s comfort, the cabin has air-conditioner, seats with inertia safety belts. The sound insulation is improved and LED illumination is provided for the operational comfort during the night time.

Mining dump trucks BELAZ-7513 are quite popular with the global mining Companies. Such dump trucks have 27% share from the total number of BELAZ vehicles produced in 2019. Nowadays, BELAZ offers the widest product range in this series which allows the customers to choose the most convenient modification suitable for the operation conditions.

Reference.Coal India Limited is an Indian state-owned coal mining company that contributes to around 81% of the coal production in India. CIL ranks 2nd in the world coal production. Each year India produces more than 500 million tons of coal. The Indian government set a goal to produce 1 billion tons of coal by 2025 and the government of the Republic of Belarus is ready to offer long-term support in terms of high-performance vehicles supplies.

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