BELAZ Bulldozer: New Equipment in Mongolia

19 march 2020

BELAZ has supplied a batch of special purpose vehicles – bulldozers and watersprinkling machines – to Mongolia. BELAZ mining dump trucks with payload capacity from 30 to 220 tons and water sprinklers have been well-known among the Mongolian customers for a long time but bulldozers BELAZ-78231 have been delivered to this market for the first time.

BELAZ in the Mongolian market

BELAZ vehicles have been operating in Mongolia for a long period of time. For the last five years, BELAZ equipment has been supplied to Mongolia each year in large batches. Last year BELAZ Company supplied 35 mining dump trucks.

Nowadays about 200 units of BELAZ vehicles operate in Mongolia. The operators say that these dumpers show good performance and high technical availability rate. Authorized dealer and service center of OJSC “BELAZ”, UNITED BELAZ MACHINERY, is responsible for warranty maintenance and after-sales support. In order to provide trouble-free service, the required amount of spare parts is dispatched to the Customers at their request.

Plans for the future

BELAZ competence in expansion of customers base, strengthening of existing partnership relations, development of marketing strategy favour the maintenance of steady relations with the Mongolian mining Companies as well as their interest to buy BELAZ equipment in the future. Nowadays, the supplies of mining dump trucks from 55 to 220 tons are being discussed with both mining and outsourcing companies. In this case, about 40 units of BELAZ dumpers of various payload capacities may be supplied to Mongolia in 2020. Besides, Mongolian customers show interest in BELAZ recent developments such as mining dump trucks using alternative energy sources, namely – diesel-trolleys with payload capacity of 220 tons.

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