Work results in January 2019: BELAZ’s growth holds steady

February 07, 2019

The year 2018 has become one of the most successful in BELAZ’s history. During that period it was produced the largest amount of ultra-heavy mining dump trucks , the company has also reached the record high export volume of products – the product sales of Holding "BELAZ-HOLDING" and OJSC "BELAZ" reached 1 billion US dollars.

New model of mining dump truck of 290 ton made BELAZ products range the widest in the world.

In addition there are some breakthrough projects on autonomous mining equipment, development of mining dump trucks operating on alternative energy sources. Today, OJSC "BELAZ" offers to its customer a pilot-free mining dump truck - BELAZ – 7513R. Moreover, among other effective solutions which are offered by BELAZ for mining companies is diesel trolley truck.

Demonstration of autonomous complex at BELAZ test site.

In 2018 BELAZ has also strengthened its position at the traditional markets and continued developing new ones. In this period OJSC "BELAZ" supplied its equipment to 33 countries, of which 22 are non-CIS countries.

In 2019 BELAZ has started to realize new production plan with the same effectiveness.

According to up-to-date information, in January 2019 the results of BELAZ work are the following:
- output growth at current prices compared to the same period last year is 103.3%;
- shipment growth rate – 100.6%; |
- share of exports in total volume of shipped products – 92.0%.

The products were supplied to 13 countries. Mining dump trucks of 110-130 ton makes up 32% of the total volume of trucks shipped.

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