Outcomes of work from January to September: emphasis on product range extension.

14 october 2019

From January to September this year the team of OJSC “BELAZ” has worked on innovative projects, product range extension fully meeting the requirements of its customers and mining conditions.

Both 110-130 and 220-240 ton mining dump trucks take the leading position in total shipments which share consists 26% each. Then follow 90-and 55-60 ton mining dump trucks with share 12% each.

Total share of trucks in this payload capacity consists 76%. Moreover, BELAZ – 75306 with payload capacity of 220 tons is the best seller with 23% of the total sales.

Since the beginning of this year the average payload capacity made up 128 tons (compared to the same period in 2018 – 119 tons), in general over the last year this figure made up 120 tons.
An increase of average payload capacity and the fact that the share of large- payload capacity trucks (mining dump trucks of 90 tons and higher) as well as special purpose equipment in total shipments of OJSC “BELAZ” consists 67,4% demonstrate that market of mining indutry tends to increase the payload capacity of mining dump trucks.

Since the beginning of this year new modifications of BELAZ trucks were introduced in the market and shipped to mining companies: BELAZ – 75320 with payload capacity of 290 tons; BELAZ – 7558C with payload capacity of 90 tons equipped with AC drive of JSC “Zavod transportnogo electrooborudovaniya” (included in holding “Tatelectromash”) manufacture and BELAZ – 7558B with AC drive control system of OJSC “BELAZ” manufacture; BELAZ – 75319 with payload capacity of 32 tons equipped with the engine of “Ural diesel-engine plant (included in SINATRA Group) manufacture; BELAZ – 75182 with payload capacity of 180 tons equipped with Cummins engine; BELAZ – 75440 with payload capacity of 32 tons; BELAZ – 74473 recovery tractor on the chassis of BELAZ – 75473.

New model of BELAZ – 75320 mining dump truck with payload capacity of 290 tons in “Berezovskiy” mine (ZAO «Stroyservis»).


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