On the Way to Chile – two 90-ton BELAZ trucks

February 25, 2019

Two units of BELAZ-75581 dump trucks with payload capacity of 90 ton left to Latin America to the Chilean Company "Minera Tres Valles". This is the first supply of Belarusian Dump Trucks to this country after a long break.

The Dump Trucks are prepared for dispatch in the special workshop.

The enterprise where BELAZ trucks will be operated has a full cycle of production starting from the raw material extraction to the processing plant, producing copper cathodes of class А. Extraction part includes underground mine where MOAZ-75290 vehicle (manufactured by the branch of OJSC "BELAZ") is working now. It is designed for transportation of rock and minerals in the underground mines, tunnels and in other limited conditions. The company also has a small open-pit mine where it is planned to apply 90-ton BELAZ dump trucks.

One of these 90-ton BELAZ trucks will be demonstrated at BELAZ showroom during the large Exhibition "EXPONOR" which is taking place in Antofagasta at the end of May. EXPONOR is one of the main grounds in Chile and in the central and south regions of Latin America to introduce high engineering and achievements in the mining industry, as well as perspective investment projects. The event takes place once in two years and gathers together more than 1 000 companies from 30 countries of the world.

In 2017 BELAZ was an exhibitor of EXPONOR. During that event the audience was attracted by a model on a scale of one to twenty of BELAZ mining dump truck with payload capacity of 450 ton controlled by mobile application from the smartphone.
The visitors of EXPONOR-2019 will have a possibility to see a Belarusian Dump Truck of 90-ton payload capacity with their own eyes which will undoubtedly allow them to appreciate the vehicle at its true value.

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