New 90-ton mining dump truck model from OJSC "BELAZ"

5 september 2019

The family of BELAZ branded mining dump trucks of the 7558 series has replenished with the new BELAZ-7558F model. The dumpers of these series were marked in the history of mining equipment as the first 90-ton trucks with electromechanical transmission.

90-ton BELAZ dump trucks with electromechanical transmission rapidly broke into the mining market and quickly gained popularity thanks to a combination of innovative technical solutions, good consumer characteristics and reasonable prices.

The miners repeatedly note the reliable and high-torque performance of the 90-ton BELAZ dump trucks with electromechanical transmission: on ascents with a slope of up to 20%, the electric engines allow the entire transmission to operate without slipping, and on descents, electrodynamical braking in the generator mode provides wheels anti-skidding.

Now NELAZ-7558F which will replenish the 7558-series of BELAZ dump trucks is being tested at the testing ground of the plant.

The dump truck is equipped with Cummins QST 30-C engine with the capacity of 1,200 HP and General Electric AC transmission of new generation that provides optimal traction on slopes during operation and enables the functions of anti-slip and traction control systems, the systems of speed stabilization on descents, automatic speed limitation during the operation.

Serious loads applied on the vehicle during transportation are compensated by a reliable dump truck frame elaborated with the use of cast elements in areas of the highest stresses. High reliability of the truck load-bearing elements (frame, drive axle, front axle) is ensured by up-to-date design solutions proven by calculations at all design stages and post-production tests.

The modern cabin interior is designed for comfortable work of the driver and ensures effective control of the truck. Low noise level inside the cabin is achieved by means of application of improved lining and insulation materials. The driver’s working place is designed taking into account modern requirements for safety, ergonomics and orthopedics, which, combined with high smoothness of the truck, reduces driver’s fatigue during his work. The climate in the cabin is controlled by an air-conditioning unit used for heating in winter and cooling in summer. An informational LCD screen displaying basic operational data provides the functionality and ease of control of the dump truck.

The priority for OJSC "BELAZ" is the improvement of mining equipment and the release of new models in order to maximize the satisfaction of the demand of mining companies.

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