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March 06, 2019

According to modern requirements, mining equipment shall be high-performing, cost saving, safe and efficient. That is why one of BELAZ priorities is constant extension and development of the product range.

BELAZ diesel-trolley transport

Diesel-trolley is an effective solution for mining and hauling operations.

3D model of BELAZ diesel-trolley with payload capacity of 240t.

Mining equipment of such a class allows the following:
- increase the speed on gradient by 1.8 – 2 times, which enhances efficiency and transportation volume;
- reduce the fuel consumption to 80%; - cut expenses for maintenance of diesel engine and its systems;
- considerably reduce emissions of harmful substances into the environment and improve the ecological situation in the mines and surrounding areas;
- implement diesel engines of lower capacity (in the area of loading, unloading and on downgrades).

Substitution of a diesel engine in the trolley by accumulators or condensers may be another innovation that can be implemented in order to develop the mining equipment. This will allow to manufacture completely eco-friendly transport without harmful emissions. Taking into account the increase of oil and diesel fuel cost, diesel-trolley transport will be in high demand.

BELAZ autonomous equipment

In mines the operator is frequently affected by adverse environmental factors such as dustiness, gas contamination and sometimes even increased radioactivity. Besides, mining operations are performed in all climatic zones where the temperature range is quite wide. Mines that are situated in hard-to-reach areas with poor infrastructure are a significant problem as well. All these factors adversely affect operators.

Promising direction in mining is to use autonomous dump trucks which will enhance safety and operating efficiency due to the automation of loading and transportation. BELAZ specialists have been developing this direction and a lot of work has been already done.

Autonomous mining dump truck BELAZ-7513R of new generation has several distinctive features that set this model apart from the samples that have been manufactured earlier.

As compared to its forerunner, the dumper with a remote control, mining dump truck BELAZ-7513R, runs along the scheduled route without an operator and accomplishes the whole production cycle: after the shift change it goes to the loading area – stops for loading – afterwards, the loaded truck goes to the unloading area and finally returns to the initial position. For safety reasons, the mines where autonomous dumpers operate are equipped with three-level indicating lights, audio alarm and emergency shutdown system.

"BELAZ" autonomous mine:
BELAZ-7513R mining dump truck
BELAZ-78250 front end loader.

BELAZ-78250 front end loader is another unmanned loader developed by BELAZ specialists. Autonomous BELAZ-78250 was presented on 10 July, 2018 at the Industry Exhibition "Innoprom-2018" (Yekaterinburg) at "BELAZ" booth. The dump truck was operated from the remote worksite located at one of the exhibition’s booths, while the robotic dumper itself was at the testing ground of OJSC "BELAZ", Belarus. During this show prepared by the exhibition’s coordinators, anyone could try on the role of the loader operator.

BELAZ autonomous loader at the "Innoprom-2018", Yekaterinburg.

BELAZ gas-powered dump trucks

The reasons why mining companies nowadays are interested in gas-powered mining equipment are the following:
– gas is cheaper in comparison with diesel;
– mining equipment is more convenient for gasification since it operates not far from its dislocation and one fuelling is enough for the whole dumpers fleet. At the same time, most of motor vehicles require filling stations along the whole route;
– gas is more eco-friendly which will significantly improve the environmental conditions in polluted mines.

Taking into account numerous customers' requests and the results of the market analysis, OJSC "BELAZ" on its own implements several projects on gas-powered dump trucks.

Experience in application of liquefied natural gas as motor fuel:

BELAZ-7513С dump truck with payload capacity of 130t. The dump truck was converted to gas and diesel at Kovodorsky GOK.

BELAZ-75131dump truck with payload capacity of 130t. The dump truck was converted to natural gas at "Sibir-Energo" in Novokuznetsk.

BELAZ-75476 with payload capacity of 45t is equipped with gas engine "Kungur 550" manufactured by "Tekhnologiya 1604" Company based on YaMZ-240 engine. The first dump truck now operates at "Nevyansky tsementnik" (Sverdlovsk region, Russia).

Mining dump truck with payload capacity of 30t. The dump truck has been modified to gas and diesel by "Dieselgas" Company (Moscow). The dumper has successfully passed trials at Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. About 50% of components has been replaced.

Advance development of fuel-gas dump trucks:
– BELAZ-75131 with payload capacity of 130t equipped with gas engine developed by "Tekhnologiya 1604" Company based on Cummins KTA-50.
– BELAZ-7558 with payload capacity of 90t equipped with gas engine developed by "Tekhnologiya 1604" Company based on Cummins KTA-38.

Each year BELAZ Company renovates its equipment by one third due to the updating of systems and assembly units of serial products and manufacturing of new-generation vehicles.

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