First 55t BELAZ dump trucks supplied to Philippines

Januаry 14, 2019

For the first time, BELAZ dump trucks have been supplied to another new country – Philippines.

Entering this new market became possible due to the efficient equipment promotion performed by BELAZ marketing center as well as BELAZIA PTE. LTD, OJSC "BELAZ" dealer responsible for the south eastern region.

Assembly and commissioning of six dump trucks BELAZ-7555В of 55t payload capacity in the end of December on Sebu Island.

BELAZ dump trucks in tropical execution with extended body, multiple-disk oil cooled brakes and additional fuel filters operate in the sand mine of large cement plant, Cemex Philippines APO Cement.

BELAZ service team provided the installation supervision of 55t BELAZ dumpers. These dump trucks were assembled at the truck fleet of well-known transport company, GEO TRANSPORТ that supplies equipment to operating companies. While driving to the mine, operators appreciated the maneuverability, advantages of automatic gearshift in conditions of mountainous relief. They also emphasized the electronic display showing the parameters of all the dump truck systems. Taking into account the first positive impression of BELAZ dump trucks, OJSC "BELAZ" has good prospects in the Philippines market.

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