February's results. The goals are achieved

March 15, 2019

Top five foreign trade partners of BELAZ as per share in foreign trade (export+import) are as follows: Russia (62,3%), Great Britain (11,4%), Uzbekistan (8,9%), Ukrain (6,1%), USA (2,9%). For the period of January-February 2019, the foreign trade geography of OJSC "BELAZ" included 37 countries, at this BELAZ equipment has been supplied to 19 countries.

In comparison with the same period of last year, the growth rate of Russian region is 104.3%, foreign countries – 155.3%. At the same time, it is necessary to mention the equipment supplies to Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mongolia, Poland, Czech Republic, Chile and Estonia.

The dump trucks with the payload capacity of 110-130 t (26%), 220-240 t (21%) and 45 t (16%) are the best-sellers since the beginning of the year. Cumulative percentage of such payload classes in the volume of supply for the period of January-February made up 63%.

CIS countries. BELAZ equipment has been supplied to "Navoi Mining & Metallurgical Combinat" (Uzbekistan), International Mining and Steel Manufacturing Group of Companies (Ukraine), outsourcing company ТОО "KEREM EQUIPMENT LTD" and SSGPO (Kazakhstan).

New model, BELAZ-75320 with payload capacity of 290t has been supplied to OOO "Berezovsky Mine", branch of ZAO "Stroyservice". The dump trucks fleet of "Navoi Mining & Metallurgical Combinat" (Uzbekistan) has been supplemented with water sprinkling machines BELAZ-76135 with the tank capacity of 119 m3. BELAZ-7518 dump trucks with payload capacity of 180t have been supplied to AO "Kovdorskiy GOK". Prior to that, the Company has been employing only dump trucks with payload capacity of 30-45t, 130t, 220-240t and special purpose equipment.

Water sprinkling machine BELAZ-76135 with the tank capacity of 119m3

Foreign countries. The market of Chili has been reopened after the 8 years pause and dump trucks BELAZ-75581 with payload capacity of 90 t have been supplied there. This is the first supply of BELAZ-7558 series to Chili.

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