BELAZ supplies a new batch of dump trucks to Philippines

April 26, 2019

As a result of a bilateral arrangement, another three BELAZ-7555В dump trucks with payload capacity of 55t have been supplied to the Republic of Philippines, Geo-Transport & Construction, Inc.

These dump trucks are designed for the transportation of limestone in the mine on Cebu island and were modified according to the customer’s request and climatic operation conditions. BELAZ-7555В dump trucks are made in tropical execution, equipped with enhanced body, multiple-disk oil cooled brakes and additional fuel filters.

First supply of BELAZ equipment to Philippines last year.

First batch of six BELAZ-7555В dump trucks was commissioned in the end of December 2018 on Cebu island. Those dump trucks operate in a sand mine of a large cement plant, Cemex Philippines APO Cement. During this time, BELAZ equipment has shown good results and the customers noted that Belarusian dumpers are efficient, easy in of operation and maintenance.

Taking into account that Philippines is an island state situated in the western part of the Pacific Ocean with many different types of mineral recourses, BELAZ has good prospects in the market of Philippines and huge potential for the cooperation and promotion of its equipment in this region.

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