BELAZ: striving for efficient work and progress

Januаry 21, 2019

Each year OJSC "BELAZ" strengthens its presence in CIS and far-abroad countries, expands sales markets, enhances volume of production, improves the products quality and reliability.

During the year 2018, the Company has been enhancing the products output, increasing investments in the purchase of modern high-performance equipment. New jobs have been created. The employees are paid good wages. The entire work performed at the factory over the previous year has resulted in remarkable economic effect.

In terms of the international economic activity, the year 2018 has become one of the most successful throughout the 70-year history of BELAZ. OJSC "BELAZ" is again in the "Billionaires club": according to the results of 11 months of 2018, the products sales of the affiliates have overcome 1 billion USD and in the middle of December the same was achieved by the Holding Company. A wide range of another records have also been set.

BELAZ results for the year 2018:

- production volume growth rate of industrial products in current prices made up 145.6% relative to 2017;
- for the period of 2018, 802 units of mining dump trucks of heavy payload capacity (90t and above) have been produced, which is the record rate throughout the whole Company’s history;
- the Company has also reached the record export volume – 990.8 mln USD; the growth rate – 130.3% towards 2017;
- during the year 2018, BELAZ products have been supplied to 32 countries to the record amount of 1 bln 35.6 mln USD. Thus, OJSC "BELAZ" has excelled the former best year 2012 in terms of the supply rate and products export.

Sales market

In 2018, the sales geography has been slightly changed. The major products share is supplied to Russia (58.4%) and CIS (27.5%).

At the same time, the supplies growth rate for those regions is as follows:
- Russia (growth rate 126.4%);
- CIS (growth rate 27.5%);

Among CIS countries, BELAZ equipment has been supplied to Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

In addition to that, new models of BELAZ vehicles have been supplied to Russia:
BELAZ-7558 series of 90t – BELAZ-75585;
BELAZ -7513 series of 130t – autonomous BELAZ-7513R;
BELAZ-7531 series of 240t – BELAZ-75313 and BELAZ-75318;
BELAZ-7560 series of 360t – BELAZ-75605

Among the foreign countries, the top customers of BELAZ equipment are Indonesia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Estonia. Taking into account the spare parts supplies, the sales geography includes 23 countries.

In March BELAZ has developed a new sales market – Bangladesh, in June – Philippines.

Due to the competent production, economic and investment policy, OJSC "BELAZ" manufactures high quality equipment that meets the customers’ requirements and helps them to achieve high performance.

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