BELAZ in the Market of Bulgaria

2 september 2019

This year, BELAZ has increased export supplies to European countries. For the period of January – July, BELAZ Company has supplied 8 units of machinery – one 45MT dumper, 6 units of 130MT dump trucks and one water-sprinkler.

The year 2018 was a record-breaking in terms of BELAZ machinery supplies to Bulgaria for the last ten years. OJSC "BELAZ" supplied 18 units of new vehicles among which there are 14 units of 110-130MT dump trucks, two 30MT dumpers BELAZ-7540K and two water sprinkling machines. The most prosperous years in terms of the supplies were 2011 (17 vehicles) and 2015 (16 vehicles).

BELAZ-75137 with the payload capacity of 130MT in the Bulgarian mine

BELAZ dump trucks operate in copper mines in Bulgaria. Among the key BELAZ customers from the Republic of Bulgaria, there are "Elatsite-Med" JSC, branch of Geotechmin OOD. Open gold-copper mine "Elatsite" is situated 70 km from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. This mine is one of the biggest deposits of porphyry copper in Bulgaria.

"Belaz-Sofia" Ltd. is the authorized dealer of OJSC "BELAZ" in Bulgaria. Due to the long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, BELAZ vehicles comprise 85% of the whole mining machinery in the Bulgarian market. Mr. Stanoi Rangelov has been the Director of "Belaz-Sofia" Ltd. for the period of almost 20 years. In August 2019, Mr. Rangelov was awarded with a silver medal for a considerable input in the mining-geological industry of the Republic of Bulgaria.

BELAZ Company has been supplying its equipment to the Republic of Bulgaria since 1966. All in all, it has been supplied 1941 units of BELAZ machinery during more than 50 years of cooperation. Among top BELAZ customers, there are five Bulgarian Companies: "Elatsite-Med" JSC (copper, gold), Assarel-Medet JSC (copper), "SALS" JSC – Lyulaka mine (construction materials), "Kremikovtsi" JSC and "Kholsim" JSC (construction materials). Mostly, the payload capacity of the supplied BELAZ machinery is 90 – 130MT.

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