BELAZ-78250 front-end loader

Januаry 10, 2019

The main principles of BELAZ marketing strategy are to meet the market challenges and demands, constantly update the equipment offering new models.

BELAZ-78250 is the largest front-end loader in the range of products with the bucket volume of 11,5 m³ and capacity of 20-22 tons. This front-end loader is remarkable not only for its capacity but also for implementation of technically progressive solutions on a number of systems and units.

BELAZ-78250 front-end loader with bucket volume of 11,5 m³

For the first time such truck is equipped with AC electrical drive. The drive is developed based on the latest technologies in this field. The appliance of electrical drive enables to refuse from using gear box and torque converter which are difficult and expensive for maintenance. Traction electric motors have a high turning torque and maintenance-free. The maintenance of traction electric alternator is minimized. Turning torque on each wheel is controlled electronically and separately which allows reducing the wear of tires and enhancing the lifetime.

The electrodynamic brakes can stop the loader completely by applying the required retarding. Brake resistors help to reduce the maintenance costs for braking system, in particular, to avoid regular replacement of brake shoes and brake discs. The disc type brakes which are mounted on each electric motor shaft are used as parking and additional brakes.

The turning and attachments are controlled by electrical joysticks which, in turn, control proportionally mounted hydraulic valves. This solution avoids the hydraulic hoses routing into the cabin. The control of attachments is integrated with the positioning system which provides lifting of attachments on a pre-programmed height and their lowering into the soil. Such approach makes the operator’s work easier.

The front-end loader is equipped with weighting system which data is showed on the electronic panel along with the rest operational data of the loader and its systems.

The front-end loader is powered with a modern fuel efficient engine of 1050 hp with electronic control and diagnostics system.

New cabin of enhanced comfort and visibility with data liquid-crystal display on the control panel, advanced lining and isolation materials.

Today the front-end loader has 3 bucket capacities: standard – 11,5 m³, for hard rock – 8 m³ and for coal – 18 m³. The buckets are made of high quality steel sheets and are used for abrasive and hard-rock materials. Relatively big unloading angle – 45 degrees – avoids sticking of load to the bottom and to the bucket sides. There is also an option to remove the stuck soil by bumping to the ground when the bucket is rotated to the unloading angle of more than 70 degrees. Two hydraulic cylinders of boom lift and bucket turning cylinder provide the load lifting, unloading and boom lowering within 17 seconds.

The range of trucks is extended with the increase of capacity, loading height and bucket volume. New truck can provide loading of mining dump trucks with capacity up to 136 tons.

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