BELAZ-75581 was presented to the Mining Companies of Latin America

May 31, 2019

OJSC «BELAZ» and its official dealer in Chile «Belaz Latin America» participated in the International Exhibition «EXPONOR 2019», which took place from 27th to 30th of May in Antofagasta, Chile .

BELAZ presented its Mining Dump Truck BELAZ-75581 with payload capacity of 90 MT. The Truck created a lively interest in the ordinary visitors and the representatives of mining companies.


This Dump Truck has a full right to be in high demand in the southern part of Latin America. It is in conformity with the Safety Requirements and its technical characteristics meet all the needs of the customers.

During the Exhibition BELAZ had a lot of discussions and consultations with the representatives of business circles of Chile and this region of Latin America.

Scale models of mining dump trucks, banners and advertising poster with new equipment were also presented at BELAZ Corporate Booth.

Exhibition EXPONOR is the main ground in Chile and in this Region of Latin America to represent the latest high-tech inventions and achievements in mining industry, as well as promising investment projects. The event takes place once in two years and gathers together more than 1000 companies from 30 countries of the world and more than 40 000 visitors.
Interesting facts

On Chilean coast of the Pacific Ocean there is a Port called Puerto Domeyko and at the foot of the Cordilleras there is a town of Domeyko. On the map of Chile it is possible to find a mountain range with the same name, and in the Andes – Volcanic Ridge the Cordillera de Domeyko. Zoologists  can name the shellfish Nautilus Domeykus, geologists can demonstrate the mineral Domeykite, astronomers – to show asteroid 2784 Domeyko, and botanists may offer to admire the violet Viola Domeykiana.

All these names were given in honour of one person – our countryman Ignacy Domeyko (1802–1889), who laid foundation and made substantial contribution to geology, mineralogy and many other sciences in that country. Ignacy Domeyko is a national hero of the Republic of Chile. The National Library and the University in Santiago, a number of streets, squares, public and sporting companies, grants and funds in the country were named after Domeyko. In honour of Domeyko the medal was coined in Chile and the monument was erected in Santiago.

«In our country there is no more popular and respected name other than the name of Ignacy Domeyko. Mr. Domeyko is not only a scientist, but he is the Apostle of Science», – stated in the Chilean newspapers about our countryman.

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