WEICHAI GROUP has tested BELAZ dump truck of 90MT powered by Chinese engine

November 19, 2018

On 18 November, WEICHAI GROUP delegation headed by Chairman of the board Tan Xuguang has visited OJSC "BELAZ" – Management Company of Holding "BELAZ-HOLDING". The visit of the Chairman of the leading Chinese motor company with which BELAZ has signed a Memorandum of strategic partnership and cooperation at the beginning of the month, represents its genuine interest to new projects with Belarusian manufacturers of mining equipment.

Petr Parkhomchik, General Director of OJSC "BELAZ", and Leanid Trukhnou, First Deputy General Engineer – Chief Engineer of mining equipment, are welcoming guests.

Petr Parkhomchik told about the history and current achievements of the Company as well as introduced the prototypes of the produced machinery at the museum.

During the visit, Tan Xuguang was offered a test-drive on BELAZ-75589 mining dump truck with payload capacity of 90 MT equipped with AC electromechanical transmission and powered by WEICHAI engine.

Earlier in the interview, Petr Parkhomchik told Belarusian media that it was one dump truck so far. "In case of positive solution and confirmation of all the technical characteristics there will be effected one more order for 12 units of dump trucks of such payload capacity. We have a lot of to overcome over and we will manage that", Petr Parkhomchik added.

In perspective, the Chinese company is ready to supply more powerful engines for BELAZ mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 45, 90, 130 and 240 MT.

The cooperation of the manufacturer of world-class mining equipment BELAZ and the leading Chinese motor-building company WEICHAI is a new perspective of its presence in the Asian market and increasing the competitiveness of BELAZ mining equipment in this region.

The Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus Pavel Utiupin, the Chairman of board of WEICHAI GROUP Tan Xuguang and General Director of OJSC "BELAZ" Petr Parkhomchik are on the deck of 90MT dump truck.

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General Director of OJSC "BELAZ" Petr Parkhomchik (right) with the Chairman of board of WEICHAI GROUP Tan Xuguang are signing the Memorandum of strategic partnership and cooperation between OJSC "BELAZ" and WEICHAI (First China international exhibition of importing goods and services in Shanghai, November 2018).

"Belarus is a country we would like to cooperate with for a long time ago, and now we have a great background for cooperation. We are very glad that we have such an opportunity to produce engines for OJSC "BELAZ". This is definitely a new level. We’ve manufactured the engine for 90MT dump truck that in addition to the basic functions saves fuel as well. We hope that there will appear even more possibilities for supplies of the Belarusian machinery to China", the representative of WEICHAI Yang Gensheng remarked.

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