Totally New Class of Payload for BELAZ Mining Dump Trucks

March 28, 2018

BELAZ-75320 mining dump truck with payload capacity of 290 ton is in the final stage of assembly in the development workshop of BELAZ plant. This model diversifies the range of heavy-duty BELAZ trucks and provides additional option while choosing the right mining equipment suitable for particular operation conditions.

BELAZ-75320 mining dump truck is a totally new class of payload for dump trucks made in Belarus.

Heavy loads carried by the truck in the process of cargo transportation are compensated by reliable frame manufactured with casting elements applied in maximum stress points. High durability of load-bearing elements (frame, driving rear axle, front axle) is provided by up-to-date engineering solutions confirmed by calculations at all stages of design and testing.

New dump truck is equipped with Cummins engine with the power of 2 125 kW (2 850 h.p.) and AC drive system of new generation made by General Electric. Together they ensure maximum traction force at the slopes.
Apart from that drive system of BELAZ truck controls the following:
– brake-track master system;
– anti-skid system;
– speed control while descending;
– automatic speed limitation;
– diagnostics and monitoring system.
Pneumatic hydraulic suspension of BELAZ truck has integrated hydraulic shock-absorber. In combination with dependent system of guiding unit it provides high smoothness of movement, efficiency, technical speed, stability from rolling, long service life of dump truck units and comfortable conditions for the operator.

Comfort and safety of the operator are ensured by state-of-the-art cab,   hydrostatic power steering, and high performance electrical dynamic retarder. Body and cab design complies with the requirements of ROPS and FOPS safety systems. Cab is equipped with fully adjustable operator’s seat, three-layer windscreen, hardened rear and side glasses, windscreen washers and wipers, as well as heating-and-conditioning unit allowing maintaining comfort temperature in the cab while working in winter and summer conditions.

Control panel. Electronic panel reflects parameters from the main control devices. Display icons located on the panel show signals about the condition of the following: turn indicators; air filters clogging; cooling liquid level; emergency pressure in the engine lubrication system; emergency pressure in front and rear circuit of brakes; parking brake; emergency temperature of cooling liquid in the engine; emergency fuel level; steering pressure. Text messages of control system required for dump truck operation, as well as the data from speedometer, tachometer, engine cooling liquid temperature, oil pressure in the engine lubrication system, oil temperature in hydraulic tank are displayed on the panel.

Having produced this dump truck, BELAZ will be represented in all world-known classes of payload capacity of mining dump trucks.     

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