New modification of BELAZ-78250

July 30, 2018

Nowadays the testing of the biggest loader in the BELAZ product range - BELAZ-78250 (chassis No.2) is at the final stage. The third chassis has been already manufactured. While designing a new dump truck modification, the specialist took into account the operation experience of the first loader and implemented modern technologies and engineering solutions.

Loader BELAZ-78250.

New BELAZ-78250 has a modified design due to which the dump truck weight is reduced, the wheelbase is reduced. These modifications made the loader much more maneuverable. In order to enhance the height of loading and pull-out force, the operational equipment kinematics was changed. Due to the increased loading height, the loader BELAZ-78250 is able to load the dumpers with the payload capacity up to 136MT. There is also a possibility that BELAZ Company can supply mining equipment as a comprehensive solution in order to ensure the complete cycle of the mining operations.

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