BELAZ: work for effectiveness and results

December 07, 2018

Constant extension of the partnership geography, multiple-vector of foreign trade activity is a today’s strategy of OJSC "BELAZ" and its marketing policy. In September 2018 the turnover of production exceeded the annual rate of the year 2017. About 902 units of equipment was realised, it is 180 units more than for the similar period of 2017.

In November, as in previous months of this year, the figures of foreign economic activities of OJSC "BELAZ" increased.

Following the results of 11 months of 2018:
the rate of shipment growth of BELAZ goods is up 135,9 %;
the rate of export growth is 136,0 %.

The production output is also significantly increased. According to preliminary dates, for 11 months of 2018 this figure at OJSC "BELAZ" at current prices to the corresponding period of the last year made up 151,7 %.

The export volume increased due to the shipments to Russian Federation – by 28,6 %, to CIS countries – by 1,7 times, to the far-abroad countries – by 7,2 %.

In November 2018 it was signed the contract for supply of BELAZ-75603 mining dump trucks of 360 ton payload capacity with Xinjiang. This is the first supply of the Belarusian dump trucks of 360 ton to the market of People’s Republic of China.

The sales geography to far-abroad covers more than 20 countries: Indonesia, Estonia, Mongolia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Chile and another.

The top place in total shipments for 11 months of 2018 belongs to mining dump trucks with 110–130 tons, the second place to 220–240-tons, and then – 45-ton dump trucks. The total payload capacity of dump trucks sold for 11 months of 2018 has increased in comparison with the similar period of the last year by 1,3 times: from 92 thousand tons to 120 thousand tons; the average payload capacity of the supplied BELAZ dump trucks have increased from 114 ton to 119 ton.

The total shipment made by "BELAZ-HOLDING" during 11 months this year exceeded $1 bln. All enterprises of holding show the shipment growth rate more 100 %.

The investment policy at the entreprise aims to procurement of the advanced equipment from the leading machine-building companies, that allows to increase productivity and parts finish quality, reduce terms of new equipment samples adoption, increase the effectiveness and competitiveness of production.

From the beginning of 2018 about 55 units of technological equipment and more than ten units of lifting equipment were purchased, and more than 10 units of technological equipment were retrofited.

At present day BELAZ continue to implement its major investment project "Creation of facilities and increase production and sales volumes of mining dump trucks of 90–450 ton payload capacity". During this project implementation it was invested about 300 million of rubles (including as of January-November 2018 – over 60 million of rubles) to basic stock. Since this project beginning BELAZ commissioned the following: the enlarged section of production facilities № 3, new workshop for finishing and presales preparation of mining dump trucks, about 500 units of technological equipment were purchased, more than 170 units of used equipment were upgraded. Modernization involved machining, welding-and-blank production, thermogalvanic, casting, tooling, assemblying, painting and other facilities. Aa new unique paynting coplex is going to commissioned with the last world trends in coat application.

According to preliminary estimation the volume of investments to the basic capital in 2018 into "BELAZ-HOLDING" will reach around 100 million of rubles.

Due to the efficient investing policy OJSC "BELAZ" manufactures reliable and high-quality vehicles, meeting the requirements of customers and allowing them to reach high figures.

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