BELAZ launches a new model of 55 ton mining dump truck on the market

Januаry 25, 2018

First chassis of BELAZ-7555H is a new model in the series of mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 55 ton. It was dispatched to one of the major coal producing companies of the Republic of Khakassia.


–Up to date automatic hydraulic mechanical transmission of planetary type of BELAZ production with six gears of forward motion and one reverse gear allows to choose the most suitable traction and speed mode for dump truck moving, making the driving of the vehicle easier and ensuring safety in operation; automatic control system for hydraulic mechanical transmission improves operational performances of the truck, increases its service life and reliability due to maintenance of optimal working modes;
–driving rear axle with extended service life, decreased labour content for technical maintenance and repair in accordance with the existing requirements;
–two-circuit integrated hydraulic system for steering, brake system and dumping control and cooling system for multiple-disc oil-cooled brakes with diagnostics system, ensuring reliability and high dynamics;
–driver’s cab of enhanced comfort and improved visibility with information LCD display on the dashboard, better upholstery and isolation materials.

The basic specification has the following options improving service performances of the vehicle:
– combined fire suppression system with remote control;
– engine starting pre-heater;
– centralized lubrication system;
– heating and air-conditioning unit;
– payload and fuel consumption control system;
– tire pressure control system;
– video viewing system;
– high voltage line proximity device.

BELAZ-7555Н mining dump truck is designed for hauling of rock and other bulk cargoes in complicated mining conditions of deep mines and open cast mines in different road and climatic conditions (at the ambient air temperature from –50 up to +50 degrees C).

Considering the wishes and feedbacks from operation sites, BELAZ team works toward improving of BELAZ equipment in order to make it more efficient, cost-effective and reliable.  


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