Belaz keeps pace with up-to-date digital technologies

July 16, 2018

OJSC "BELAZ", WIST Group and Region-42 have signed a tripartite agreement on creation of a robotic center. The signing took place within the framework of the International Industrial Exhibition «INNOPROM-2018». This year the main topic was robotics technology and digitalization.

The Agreement has been signed by Alexander Galkin, Chief Engineer of Region-42, Petr Parkhomchik, General Director of OJSC «BELAZ», and Dmitry Vladimirov, General Director of WIST Group.

Today BELAZ team actively works on creation of new models of mining vehicles to be in compliance with the latest trends of the world market. One of the projects is production of autonomous trucks – transport vehicles to be operated through GPS.

«The mining dump trucks produced by us are equipped with hundreds of sensors generating terabytes of information in a year in on-line mode, allowing us to monitor the quality of dump truck operation in any corner of the planet. Collected data, predictive analytics and technologies of machine learning make it possible to provide our customers in foreseeable future with totally new intelligent services to improve the efficiency of dump truck operation, forecasting analytics and transfer to service based not on schedule but on demand», – noticed Mr. Parkhomchik, General Director of OJSC «BELAZ».

July 10, 2018. Pilotless BELAZ-78250 Front-end Loader has been successfully tested in BELAZ testing area with remote control from the distant operator’s place in Yekaterinburg (distance approx. 2 500 km).

Backgrounds for the project emerged long ago. First of all they were related to severe operation conditions faced by the mining operators all over the world. Creation of a robotic center is directed to increase the efficiency, improve operation conditions and decrease operation costs.

A pilot project is expected to be implemented as early as in the beginning of the next year in one of the mines of Russian Company "SUEK" in Khakassia: five mining dump trucks and one loader will be controlled by one operator.

Today it can be any distance between the control center and the operating mine – hundreds or thousands of kilometers. From any part of the Earth it is possible to operate a fleet, staying in comfortable conditions of the control center.

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