BELAZ in Cannes

August 21, 2018

Belarusian mining dump trucks conquer not only mines all over the world but world-known cinema festivals.

Corporate film «Continental Race» of film project «BELAZ 70», produced by LBL-Production Company from Novosibirsk, was included in the short-list of final competitive works at the International Festival in Cannes. This film is in the list of the best promotional performances of the world. It was specially prepared for the Anniversary of BELAZ plant and is presented in two categories of The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards: «Corporate Image Films» and «Internal Communication». By the way the Festival is one of the most prestigious «watchings» of corporate and documentary films, and the members of jury are the Oscar and Emmy awards winners.

According to the idea of the film authors, it should reflect the power of BELAZ equipment which is equally successful operated in the totally different climatic conditions. In order to show this it was decided to make a kind of competition of BELAZ trucks in Kuzbass where the temperature sometimes goes down to minus 50 degrees, and in the other part of the world in the Republic of South Africa, where it is often plus 50 degrees. On the screen we will see a simultaneous start of BELAZ trucks in Kemerovo, Russia, and in Capetown, South Africa. Loading, discharge, stable movement in off-road conditions, beautiful views out of the window, but in one case it is Russian winter and in the other – African summer. And the same truck model – it is BELAZ mining dump truck with payload capacity of 220 MT.

First run of the film is scheduled for the anniversary events in September 28th–29th, 2018. And the news regarding the awards from Cannes Festival will be known in the evening on the 27th of September, particularly on the eve of celebration event.

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