BELAZ equipment is in high demand among the coal-mining companies since the beginning of this year

October 29, 2018

Industry analysis shows that based on the results of 9 months of 2018 mining and road-construction equipment of BELAZ production was in demand mostly among coal-mining companies  (34% of total sales volume).

Among them there are customers from Russia and non-CIS countries.

BELAZ-75306 in Solntsevsky coal open-pit mine (coal mining).

The share of outsourcing companies is 16%.

BELAZ-75585 for outsourcing company - STK LLC (outsourcing companies).

This year the supplies of BELAZ vehicles to the companies engaged in gold and diamond mining amounts to 15% of total volume.

The share of metallurgical and iron ore industry is 14%, nonferrous metallurgy – 13%, non-metal mining and construction – 5%, chemical industry – 3%.

OJSC «BELAZ» is not ready to rest and will continue to meet the expectations of the partners offering new high-technology models of vehicles which could satisfy the most demanding requirements of the customers.

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