BELAZ dump trucks supplies to Philippines

May 18, 2018

BELAZ dump trucks will be supplied to Philippines for the first time. Thus, this island state became the 78th country where "BELAZ" equipment will operate.

It became possible to enter the market of Philippines due to the efficient marketing policy of BELAZ marketing center along with the dealer responsible for the south-eastern region – BELAZIA PTE. LTD who has been BELAZ representative since 2011.

The assembly of first dump trucks to be supplied to Philippines

Six units of tropicalized 55MT BELAZ-7555B dump trucks equipped with an enhanced body, multiple-disk oil cooled brakes and additional fuel filters are being assembled in the main assembly line workshop.

These 55MT BELAZ dump trucks will be used for the transportation of limestone for the cement plant of CEMEX Corporation – one of the largest cement producers in the world.

"BELAZ" equipment nowadays: Toggle editor

• more than 500 modifications of mining dump trucks with payload capacity from 30 up to 450MT and other equipment for mining operations, road construction, underground and metallurgical works,

• 100% engineering developments of BELAZ engineering department
• unique experience and highly efficient system of development, testing and manufacturing of new models,

• equipment of high technical level,
• constant updating and development of the produced equipment

• implementation of latest scientific and research developments in the designing and manufacturing of mining vehicles.

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