55-tons BELAZ mining dump trucks for a new partner from Indonesia

November 01, 2018

October 31 the representatives of PT Tritama Niaga Berjaya and PT Pusaka Bumi Transportasi visited OJSC "BELAZ". The purpose of visit was to inspect BELAZ- 7555B mining dump trucks before shipment, to learn more about BELAZ Company and its products range as well as to discuss business opportunities.

BELAZ equipment has already been operated in Indonesian companies, but for PT Tritama Niaga Berjaya this is the first purchase of BELAZ mining dump trucks. Twelve BELAZ - 7555B mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 55 tons will be transported the burden in the coal mine located near Lahat, South Samatra province.

As a part of visit the partners not only inspected the equipment but also took a test drive of 130-tons mining dump truck .The representatives of PT Tritama Niaga Berjaya noted the cab comfort and maneuverability of the dump truck. Moreover, they expressed interest in buying the trucks of such payload capacity.

General Director of OJSC "BELAZ" Mr. Petr Parkhomchik (in the center) with representatives of Indonesian companies and BELAZIA PTE.Ltd.

First BELAZ dump trucks were supplied to Indonesia in 2012. As an initial step, there were supplied mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 45-55 tons, then in 2016 – 110 tons mining dump trucks and in this spring– 130 tons mining dump trucks. Since 2011 the dealer of OJSC "BELAZ" in South-East Asia is BELAZIA PTE.Ltd. Altogether OJSC "BELAZ" supplied 66 trucks to Indonesia.

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