15th payload capacity class of BELAZ dump trucks

June 08, 2018

On June 8, 2018 OJSC "BELAZ" presented BELAZ-75320 with payload capacity of 290MT. This new model supplemented the line-up of BELAZ dump trucks and filled the gap between BELAZ dump trucks of 240 and 360MT.

BELAZ-75320 is the first dump truck of such payload capacity produced by BELAZ plant. At present time this dump truck is being tested at the factory testing ground. After the check of its speed, traction, braking performance and the factory acceptance, the dump truck will be sent for running-in test to one of Russian regions – allegedly to the Kuzbass region. At the same time BELAZ-75320 of 290MT is actively promoted in the international market.

This dump truck was manufactured at the very right time, since this model is in demand in North and South America, Africa, Indonesia. Nowadays the mines become deeper which leads to the enhancing of the dump trucks payload capacity. According to the marketing specialists’ research, the most possible sales markets for BELAZ-75320 are Chile, Peru and Argentina. BELAZ is planning to enter the market of USA, Mexico, Canada, Namibia and the Republic of South Africa. The future of this dump truck is promising.

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