130MT BELAZ dump trucks supplied to CATOCA

April 14, 2018

Another batch of 136MT BELAZ-75139 dump trucks is being assembled and commissioned at CATOCA (Angola). One of the shareholders of CATOCA is PJSC “ALROSA“ (Russia). The service works are performed by the specialists of OJSC “BELAZ“ and its dealer – “Avtotehinmash“

Unique air-hydraulic suspension, reliable diesel engine with power of 1194 kW, AC/DC electro-mechanical transmission make this truck popular among the operating companies. The specialists of the partner company noted smooth running and cabins of enhanced comfort of 130MT BELAZ dump trucks. The dump trucks of this series are well-known to CATOCA, since three BELAZ-75139 dump trucks equipped with AC/AC traction electric drive manufactured by “Power machines“ (Russia) were commissioned at CATOCA in the beginning of 2016. BELAZ equipment operates in this African country in rather hot climatic conditions: within a year the temperature is about the same – more than 30С during the day, about 20С at night. The rainfall period lasts from November till March, the dry and fire season – from April till October.

BELAZ trucks travel a long distance to the African continent: at first the trucks are transported by the ocean to the port of Luanda and then about 1200km through the whole country. 

Reference. CATOCA Mining Society, the largest diamond mining company in Africa, is situated in Lunda Sul province to the east of Luanda at a height of 1000 meters above the sea level. This young company was established about 20 years ago. The mine depth is about 200 meters; it is also planned to enlarge the mine and develop the kimberlite pipe to a depth of 600 meters. During the calendar year, 10 mln m3 of overburden and up to 10 mln tons of ore is transported. BELAZ fleet includes 13 mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 130-130MT, 4 dump trucks with payload capacity of 45MT and road maintenance truck on the basis of BELAZ-75473.

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