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March 15, 2017

Annually OJSC "BELAZ", the manufacturer of mining dump trucks and heavy-duty equipment, opens up new markets. Today BELAZ has the widest range of mining dump trucks in comparison with the competitors with payload capacity from 30 to 450 ton, that are represented by 60 models of dump trucks in various modifications and for different operating conditions. Each year by the one third OJSC "BELAZ" updates its products range by developing systems and units of series produced equipment and creating new vehicles generation.

In 2016 BELAZ has achieved successful results: the rate of growth of shipments with reference to the level of the year 2015 made up 106,9%. More than 96% of the Goods sold were dispatched for export, at that the rate of growth - 106,7%.
Last year BELAZ supplied its products to 27 foreign countries. The largest export markets in 2016 -  Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 79% of the shipped products volume belongs to them.

Mining company САТОСА (the Republic of Angola): launched into operation the first mining dump trucks BELAZ-75139


Impressive results on export volume was reached due to the increase of supplies to Russia (the rate of growth - 102,5%) and to CIS countries (the rate of growth - 187,4%). It should be noted that the growth of supplies to Ukraine (the rate of growth -706,3%) and to Kazakhstan (the rate of growth - 330,7%).

Northern GOK of Metinvest Group (Ukraine)


OJSC "BELAZ" also reached certain success in the markets of foreign countries. So the dump trucks of new class payload capacity were supplied to Indonesia – 110 ton, Mongolia – 90 ton, Angola – 45 ton. Water-sprinkling machine with tankage of 119 m³ was supplied to Morocco. After long – term interval BELAZ resumes deliveries to Jordan and Rumania. New models of dump trucks BELAZ-7555I with payload capacity of 60 ton equipped with Liebherr engine and BELAZ-75454 with payload capacity of 45 ton equipped with Scania engine have been put into operation in Czech Republic (Hajek a Synove company) and Poland correspondingly.

Foreign trade relations had two-way character and included not only export deliveries (27 countries), but also import procurements (29 countries).
Top five foreign trade partners of OJSC «BELAZ» on specific volume in external turnover (export + import) are as follows:
2.Great Britain,

OJSC "BELAZ" doesn't stop on the reached and iiintends to justify the partners’ confidence in future, offering new high-tech models of equipment, that can satisfy the most demanding customers’ requirements.


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