OJSC «BELAZ», ALROSA and MTU have signed a Memorandum of Understanding

April 26, 2017

A meeting with top managers of OJSC “BELAZ, ALROSA and MTU was held at OJSC «BELAZ». The main purpose was to discuss the conditions of designing of a dump truck with gas-piston engine.  

ALROSA, a Russian diamond mining company, has expressed its interest in the development of gas engine and dump trucks to be powered by liquefied natural gas. Igor Sobolev, PJSC ALROSA First VP/Executive Director, has noted: “Our region specifics is that there are no roads and it’s possible to deliver fuel only in a navigation season lasting five months, so we have to deliver year’s fuel batches to the site. Fuel valuation price for several GOKs is high. With that, gas fields are situated close to us and we our estimations show that prime cost of gas will be times cheaper than the liquid fuel price. That is why we contacted MTU, the manufacturer of engines for dump trucks we are operating, and BELAZ, the proven vehicles of which are widely represented at ALROSA, to discuss the initiative of completely gas engine. In addition, we are planning either the option for replacement diesel engines with gas ones or mounting gas engines into dump trucks. We rely on BELAZ specialists to do that.

Igor Sobolev is becoming acquainted with production line and technologies

Note.Yakutia territory comprises four mining-and-processing divisions (GOKs) – Mirny, Aikhal, Udachny, Nyurba. The first vehicles manufactured by Belarusian Autoworks entered diamond mines of Yakutia more than forty years ago and today BELAZ fleet at ALROSA sites comprises more than 220 units including mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 30, 42-45, 110-130 tons and special purpose vehicles. ALROSA occupies leading position in the world in terms of diamonds extraction in carats with its share in world extraction of more than 29% as on 2016.

Igor Sobolev: “I’m proud of BELAZ. Perhaps it is the only one successful automobile manufacturing company at the former USSR territory which deservedly takes its place among leading mining equipment manufacturers. The experience of our longstanding cooperation shows that your designers are always keen on providing solutions for the most difficult tasks and support new ideas. This fact gives your company competitive advantage on the market.


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