Quality System

Its mission is the production of reliable, balanced in quality and price mining equipment, giving sense of satisfaction and confidence to the customers and to the society.

Management of the enterprise is confident, that quality is a key indicator of the products competitiveness and improvement of the company’s economic status.
Our goals and objectives:
• Provide the customers with reliable products of the best consumer properties, which meet their demands and expectations;
• By production and sale of quality products – to the improvement of welfare of the company’s employees and the population of the Republic.
We undertake to:
• increase constantly the quality of the products, maintain its engineering performance at the world level;
• organize maintenance and servicing of the products for ensuring their reliable work within all the period of operation
The assigned tasks and the incurred obligations we fulfill by means of:
• development of competitive, reliable and safe products, corresponding to the customer’s expectations and the requirements of    technical standards and regulatory legal acts;
• adoption of advanced materials and components of high-quality production from the leading world companies; 
• introduction of leading-edge machining technologies, means of techniques and metrological equipment, maintaining high quality of the products and environmental protection;
• industrial engineering with the use of process approach on the basis of Quality Management System and in conformity with ISO 9000 standards;
• engaging of highly skilled specialists,  constant increase of their proficiency;
• introduction of up-to-date information systems at designing the products and at the industrial engineering in order to make decisions on the basis of facts and  continuous improvement;
• support of the customers with operating instructions and technical means for maintaining servicing and repair of the products;
• establishing cooperation with suppliers of components and with the customers in  quality improvement on the basis of data analysis and continuous improvement.
All the employees:
• are involved in the production process and realize, that the products quality depends on the quality of their labour;
• do the assigned work in conformity with the requirements of Quality Management System documentation,  technical standards and regulatory legislative requirements.
Company’s management assumes the responsibility for implementation of the Policy in sphere of Quality.